Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult

This was a very interesting read as well. The author writes through the eyes of many different characters (similar to the style she uses in My Sister’s Keeper) which keeps things fast paced and interesting.
Basically, Faith is an only child to non-religious parents in a marriage that seems perfect. She is 7 years old and catches her father cheating on her mother in their own house. Her mother obviously leaves (since this wasn’t even the first time) and takes Faith with her. Concerned for her daughter, she takes her to a child psychiatrist to make sure she is coping with her parent’s devorce. Faith begins to “see” an imagianry friend who she calls her guard. She also developes the idea that her friend/guard is actually ‘God’ (although she is seeing her a female). Of course, this brings about a lot of media attention as she keeps developing inexplicable reactions and abilities both physical and phsychological. Media gets out of hand and a custody battle begins.
I wouldn’t want to say any more lest I give the story away.
A good read with quite a lot to say.
Makes you wonder, what it really means to have faith and keep it? (the title plays on words too which is pretty effective since an underlaying theme throughout the book is faith itself as well as the child).
Anyways… I’ll leave it at that.
Ready for another book!


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