Hello fellow book lover,

I’m not going to go into a long winded introduction about who I am and what I like and so forth. All you need to know for this blog is that I love to read. I enjoy reading all sorts of books depending on my mood.

The purpose behind “4 The Love of Books” is for me to keep a record of all the books I’ve read and what I think about their stories, approach, writing styles, topic and whatever else I think is important to take note of.

Feel free to follow my bookworming adventures and leave your thoughts about books I’ve read or suggest titles I may not have come across yet.

Happy reading! 🙂


4 responses to “About

  1. Hello. I saw your blog on Goodreads so thought I would pop along.

    It looks jolly nice.

    Just so you know I used to dog-ear my books as I kept losing the bookmark. I don’t know how as it stands to reason that a bookmark wouldn’t ever need to leave a book.

    These days I am all grown up and have a Kindle. I like the way you can name a Kindle and I called mine ‘Michael’.

    I am such a narcissist.

    • Hi Michael, glad you enjoyed my blog :@)
      I never dog ear my books if I can’t find a book mark a post-it will do or a receipt hehe.
      I actually have a Kobo Touch and I really like it. I haven’t named it, although that’s a thought as I always name my cars lol So I am in the habit of naming objects!
      As much as I love my Kobo I still read paper books I can’t make the switch entirely. the printed page still holds a very special kind of magic.

  2. Hi rhillawi, just wanted to pop over & say thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! I reluctantly own a kindle, who has been christened Thor (is it bad that I am assigning human atributes to my inanimate e-reader?), as I have found that most authors/publishers are now sending out only e-books. However, like you, I still prefer paper & so far have only purchased 2 books for Thor – the rest of what is on there is review request books.

    I take it by the Links for Bookworms that you are in Mississauga? My family are all in Hamilton…..

    Thank you for your suggestions – I will certainly look for them! I look forward to seeing what you are reading!

    • Hehe… I like that you’ve given your e-reader a name. I always name my cars, so I’m no stranger to naming inanimate objects. I currently drive “Dorry” who is as blue as her character in Finding Nemo.

      I’m glad I found your blog! You have very interesting reads on there that I’m sure I’ll come around to reading… or at least putting the titles on my TBR list as it gets longer and longer. I need the brain power to write a new post soon… I’m 3-4 books behind :@S I’ll get to them soon.

      Well… happy reading!! :@)

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