Isabelle Allende’s TED talk

I realize that I really haven’t been too dedicated to blog updates for quite some time. This will change soon… believe me! I am slightly behind my reading schedule too. Not too far behind, but far enough.

That aside, I came across a TED talk today titled “Tales of Passion” by Isabelle Allende, author of many novels including “Daughter of Fortune” and “Portrait in Sepia” (both of which I need to re-read at some point). Anywa… I just had to share this with you! She talks about her pure belief in the power of passion and its ability to truly change the world in which we live in; if we only knew how to channel that energy for good, especially towards women and children.

I will now step aside and let her do the talking. I only ask that you really listen to her message.

So… what did you think?

All humour aside, I walked away with a strong and powerful, yet simple, message. In a nutshell: BELIEVE in the POWER of PASSION in the CREATION of  a better world!