Game of Thrones ~ a quick comment and quote

I began reading this series in December. Admittedly, by the middle of the 2nd book I’m finding it a bit hard to keep going. It’s an interesting read but I feel as though I need a break from all the intertwining characters who are continuously being introduced throughout the books. So, I’ve put the series down for now hoping to get back to it later on.

I just wanted to share a quick quote from a character by the name of Tyrion Lanister, a little person of high ranked birth who is not very highly respected but makes a name for himself with the use of his quick wit. He has quite a few words of wisdom scattered across the text. This is one I particularly like:

“You can’t hammer tin into iron, no matter how hard you beat it, but that doesn’t mean tin is useless.”

In other words, we need to celebrate our individual traits and differences. We need to embrace them for their beauty and all they have to offer. And that includes your own differences which sometimes are the hardest to accept as the gifts they really are. Besides, wouldn’t life be boring in a cookie cutter world?!

It also, reminds me of a keychain I had on my backpack in high school that read: “I’m not weird, I’m gifted!” I wonder where that keychain is!